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The true concept of AIRBNB is the lodging that the owners of the home give to their guests, living themselves in the property and personally taking care of the security and maintenance of the place, so that the guests enjoy a pleasant stay. This is the difference between renting any apartment and staying in an AIRBNB, guests will have to respect the rules of the house that may be different from one Airbnb to another.
We respect that concept and are very happy to host our guests on our property, take care of the home and be aware that everything works 100

We are a Italian - Mexican couple, living in Playa del Carmen, years ago.
We decided to rent a fraction of our property so you can enjoy your vacation freely and as if you were at home.

So, we're waiting for you very soon!


It all started with a dream!
I wanted people to get to know the most real and authentic part of Playa.
This is why I created "A Casa Di Alex Playa Del Carmen"
But this type of "holiday" is certainly not suitable for everyone; you want to know and discover how to live next to local families rather than in the purely tourist area.
I recommend our accommodation to lone travelers or young couples who want to experience the atmosphere of the place and who want to experience, even for a few days, how we residents live, taking local means, such as taxis or collective, bringing the clothes in the " laundries washes dry "of the colony, eating in the taqueria of the surroundings
You can choose whether to rent the studio apartment or the apartment