A Casa di Alex Playa del Carmen

We are in Playa del Carmen. 
We are not in the tourist area, we are 3 and a half kilometers from 5th Avenida along the entire Av Constituyentes. 
The area of ​​Palmas 1 is quiet and familiar about 10 minutes from the sea and from 5th avenida by cab, minibus or rental car.

Getting there is simple! you have to take Avenida Constituyentes and go straight inwards (about 4 km starting from the sea), once you pass the Hospital General continue straight on Constituyentes until Avenida Flor de Ciruelo (on the corner there is a school with a large dome), turn on this avenue and then turn the first left (calle Pavos) go straight and turn the second right, then left again to the side of the park and left again ... you have arrived! the house you see in front, with the high white wall with 2 white doors, is our home, the door on the left is the studio and the door on the right is apartment.

Las Palmas 1
Playa del Carmen 77723

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