We invite you to read and respect the HOUSE RULES

-The studio end the apartment are suitable only for adults persons, no childs, no babies, no pets

-No smoking, No drug use and No prostitution.

-When you are not in the room turn off the air conditioning and also when you leave the house out of respect for the environment.

-The air conditioning in the apartment is present only in thebedrooms to make use of it at night, at the time of turning it on close the door of the room, in the other spaces of the house there are ceiling fans.
You can keep the door of the house open with the mosquitero closed when you are in the house, so that air circulates

-Electricity bills are included up to a maximum of 300 kilowatts for month of total consumption by the department and 100 kilowatts by the study, in case of exceeding the kilowatts included an extra charge will be made to guests. In case the kilowatts consumed are greater will be charged 4 pesos for each kilowatts in excess.
Take care not to use air conditioning for many hours in a row.

-Do not slam the entrance gate and always make sure that it is securely locked with the key

-Attention,  for our and your safety, no other guests are allowed in addition to the number of people confirmed in your reservation. If you plan to receive visits you have to book for the exact number of people who will stay in the apartment.

-When using the oven in the apartment, turn off the air conditioning and open the entrance door and the patio French door in the small room so that air circulates

-Clean the gas stove in the apartment after cooking, do not leave dirty dishes and pans in the sink as they attract ants and insects

-For stays of 4 weeks or more the gas is charged to guests, about 500 pesos per month extra

- It is not allowed to keep music at high volume

-The relax pool is shared 

- Parties, events are not allowed.

-During the day always keep the ceiling fans on to combat humidity.

-Do not leave fruit or food out of the refrigerator as it attracts ants and cucarrachas

-Do not throw toilet paper or diapers in the toilet

-Weekly cleaning is compulsory, with change of sheets and towels

- Whenever possible, daily as a courtesy of the house, in addition to weekly cleaning, we give a quick cleaning service which consists of tidying up the kitchen and bedrooms and mopping the floors. and to take care of it.

-A passport is required upon check in and a deposit of 150 USdollars for stay of 7 days or more

-Do not drink the water from the tap, it is not drinkable

-Lizards and geckos live in Mexico, they are harmless do not kill them, they eat mosquitoes

We remind you that we are not a 4 or 5 star hotel but nevertheless we will do everything possible to satisfy your needs

Violation of the aforementioned rules will be a reason for reporting to AIRBNB, VRBO and BOOKING