We invite you to read the HOUSE RULES

We invite you to read the HOUSE RULES

-It is not allowed to invite unregistered people with regular reservations at the time of check in

- It is not allowed to keep loud music or make noises that could disturb the neighbors

-Smoking is not allowed in the house, you can do it in the garden, by the pool side. Our space is smoke free

-Prohibited diving and noise in the relaxation pool

- Parties, drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, inappropriate use of the internet, prostitution are not allowed

-Switch on the air conditioning only at night for a minor impact on the environment, switch it off when you go out and keep the fans on during the day.

-Do not throw toilet paper or diapers in the toilet, throw it in the bin that you will find at the side of the toilet

-Weekly cleaning is mandatory, with change of sheets and towels

-The quick daily cleaning that we offer when possible as a courtesy of the house includes the rearrangement of the beds and the quick cleaning of the kitchen. It does not include the change of linen or the cleaning of the bathrooms and floors

- Remove the make-up before using the towels, for any indelible stains you will be charged the cost of the linen

-Do not leave food or fruit out of the refrigerator, as it attracts ants and cucarrachas

-The humidity in Mexico is very high, leave the fans on all day

-In Mexico live lizards and geckos, they are harmless do not kill them, they eat mosquitoes

-From the moment you book, you tacitly accept the house rules and assume responsibility for any accident that may occur, exempting
the owners from any responsibility

- Passport and signature of a discharge of liability in case of illegal activities are required at the time of Check in

(The photos may have accessories such as kitchens or decorations that are not already in the apartment or studio due to wear on the part of the guests)

Violation of the aforementioned rules will be a reason for reporting to AIRBNB and Booking