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The original idea of ​​an AIRBNB was that the owners of the house or apartment gave accommodation to tourists in a room or in a space of their property, we embrace this concept and give vacation accommodation to our guests, in an independent part within our home!  
So you are welcome πŸ™

We are very happy to host you! We live in the studio upstairs and want to ask you to treat our house as we do, with respect and order.
We take care of the security and maintenance of the place on a daily basis.
We are waiting for you soon 
Enjoy your stay

The perfect combination of a home and a family hotel

We offer you three different options for your holidays in Playa del Carmen 

You choose !

What AIRBNB expect from guests:
We expect our guests to meet certain standards and be considerate and respectful of their hosts, the hosts' neighbors, and any other community members with whom they interact.
What we don't allow:
Disrespect to surrounding communities: During their stay or Experience, guests must respect the surrounding community and its rules. This includes, but is not limited to: designated quiet hours, parking locations and hours, number of cars allowed, and proper disposal of trash and debris in designated areas.
Reservation Agreement Violation:
Guests must comply with the rules set by hosts on each reservation, as long as they are not inconsistent with Airbnb's policies. This includes, but is not limited to, arrival and departure times, number of guests, permission to bring pets or smoke, the ability to capture images for commercial purposes, and other host rules agreed upon at the time of booking.
Guests also have to return the keys as agreed by both parties and immediately contact the host if any problems arise.
Disrespect for space:
Guests may not leave the place where they stayed or their grounds in a state that requires excessive or deep cleaning or repairs beyond normal wear and tear. Housekeeping fees only cover the cost of standard cleaning between reservations.
Tampering with Security Devices:
Guests may not disconnect or otherwise obscure any permitted and properly disclosed security device.
Access to personal property other than your own:
Any area clearly designated as prohibited, locked, or containing personal or confidential information is prohibited for guests.